Version 2.0.0!

With over 20.000 line of code added since Novemeber, a full documentation has been created of only what new has been added since last update in the changelog section. Make sure to check them out and comment on whether you think they were good or not!

13th of February, 2017
Revision 1.16!

Two new major features were added and so was 1.16 born. For more information look in the changelog section and don't forget to check out the two new videos in the showcase section.

21st of January, 2017
Revision 1.15!

After a lot of hard work from the developer we have finally reached revision 1.15 with two major new features, one being a revamp of an older feature and one that is fully new. For more information, check in the showcase and changelog section on the forums.

4th of January, 2017
Happy New Year!

We have concluded the winners of the title event as well as introduced the new year in the announcement section. Hope you all have had a wonderful celebration, as 2017 is a new year, we take new steps to make our community the best community there is.

The entire staff team wishes you a happy new year!

1st of January, 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A new announcement has been made in the announcement section. Visit the link for more information and make sure you have not missed our "Titles of the Year" game as well as the discount on all donation packages as well as services!

All the administrators and testers wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

25th of December, 2016
December - The month with least sun!

A new announcement has been made in the announcement section. Feel free to read more about the news of the first part of December.

Hope you enjoy the start of the holidays!

14th of December, 2016
Revision 1.14.10!

From street names as well as regions and zones showing close to your minimap, being updated every second; to being able to knock people out if you punch them and they go on low health, here can more information be found about 1.14.10 revision! Go to the changelogs to see more things that were added, changed, fixed or removed.

12th of December, 2016
Revision 1.14.9!

Time to get updated! We are now on revision 1.14.9 where we have added a few new features that concerns most parties. For more information, go to the changelogs to stay well informed of changes in-game.

7th of December, 2016
Updates & Surprises!

As we all know it's coming to the end of 2016 and the time between us and the magical weeks to come is shortened with haste, so do make sure to stay tuned on all the surprises we have in-game and all the easter eggs!

Furthermore, revision 1.14.8 is now out so make sure to read through the changelogs to stay well informed of changes in-game. With that said, EX-RP Staff wishes you a good start of December and hopes to see you in-game, cheers!

5th of December, 2016
Snow storm incoming!

It seems that a big storm is heading for Los Santos later this evening. Be sure to stay safe when it comes!

29th of November, 2016
Welcome to Explicit Roleplay!

We are glad to see that you are visiting our new website! Let us know what you like about it on our forums. Feel free to roam around on our website and see what features we have available. Most information will still be stated on our forums. Cheers and have a nice end of the weekend!

28th of November, 2016
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